Are made in Germany computers reliable?

The world today has fully adjusted to the use of a computer, computers are needed for our everyday activities, without computers, the world would be slower in actualizing certain plans or task since a computer can multitask, it has great speed, it is accurate, it is efficient and productive. The importance of computers cannot be overemphasized. Having a reliable computer to help you achieved your set goals daily, is very important.

Over 77years ago, Konrad Zuse presented the first German functional computer Z3, Konrad Zuse is known as the inventor of the first programmable computer. The computer was designed in 1935 and was completed in 1942.  German computers have evolved over the year with improved functionalities and durable hardware. They are systems that have been tested and trusted, they meet the international standard of quality assurance.

If you are looking to buy a computer or other electronics in Germany, you can get the view of the locals about the German brand you want to buy and the German company you want to buy it from on Erfahrungenscout. You can easily check through electronic companies in Germany reviews to know the German brands and companies that the people of Germany have found to be reliable after patronizing them and those they have found to be unreliable.

The following are some German computer brands.


This company is located in Frankfurt Germany and it is also represented on 5 continents worldwide, it manufactures goods that are reliable and environmentally friendly. Grundig computers come in different sizes including laptops and monitors.

Medion Erazer

This is a top German brand that gives a top-notch engineered system with the latest technology. It uses A-brand components from companies such as Intel INVIDIA, and GIGABYTE to build their system. The company produces fast gaming systems with illuminated keys it also uses the latest processor from Intel. Their prices are also reasonable when comparing it with the quality of the product you are offered. ERAZER has different series of computers to pick from.

German computers have been built with very high standard. The following is a list of factors that have been considered in the manufacturing of German computers.

  • The size of the RAM: Random Access Memory also known as RAM, is also a factor that determines how fast your computer would be a smaller RAM would reduce the efficacy of a high processor. The RAM holds the information that is being processed, the bigger the RAM, the faster the processing power.
  • The speed of the CPU: This is the central processing unit. This is where all information is processed. The greater the word size, the greater the amount of information the CPU would process at a particular time. CPU with multiple cores have the power to run multiple programs at the same time.
  • The hard disk space: The more the hard disk space, the faster it is for files to be copied to the disk. It takes a long time for files to be copied to the hard disk if there is a small amount of space on the disk.
  • The type of graphics card: A graphics card that is mounted on a motherboard, brings its own set of video RAM or VRAM thereby boosting the speed of the computer. The graphics card gives a faster and richer gaming experience, better video and HD experience thus, good for gaming, CAD and 3D modelling
  • The security of the software used: Having a computer without security is the riskiest venture anyone can embark on. Hardware and software security is very important.