Basic Difference Between Dedicated and VPS Hosting

When you think about making a website or blog there are so many questions that can arise in your mind like how to purchase the domain and what hosting plan can suit your requirements. Isn’t it?

If this is the case don’t worry. In this article, we will take a closer look at two popular hosting plans VPS and dedicated. Along with covering similarities and dissimilarities, we will discuss the benefits of both types of hosting plans so that you can choose the best one for your blog.

In both options, you would have complete access to your website especially with the software which is installed. Both options allow you to buy specs when it comes to having the hardware. You can customize the website according to your needs. But in spite of having similarities, there are a few differences between these two. VPS hosting is sort of midway between the two. Your website is allocated a larger portion of the server than is the case with dedicated hosting; however, you do not have exclusive use of the server. There may be one or two other webmasters using the same server.

Here are a few basic differences between VPS and Dedicated hosting plans:


No doubt VPS plans are cheaper than dedicated hosting. You can put multiple websites on one server, and it will charge the fewer amount to each website owner. If you take the VPS plan from Hosting Raja who is one of the leading hosting providers in India will cost you 549 INR for the basic plan and dedicated hosting, the basic plan is 3299 INR.

Managed v/s unmanaged options

A question can arise in your mind that in both types of hosting you will have complete access to your website than what can be the reason for huge price differences. The answer is here:

One thing that hosting providers don’t cover in VPS hosting is work that you need to put in to set up, manage, configure and maintain. In VPS you will be responsible for the server’s software. However, in dedicated hosting, your web host manages everything on your behalf. You only have to decide what features you need, and the web host is responsible for everything getting installed.

Rest you can contact your web host to know more about what features they offer in their hosting plans as different companies offer different plans.

So ultimately I would like to conclude that dedicated servers are required for your website when your website or blog is well established and around 50,000 per month visitors are coming to it and you have all the necessary technical staff to maintain and optimize your server.

So, when it comes to choosing hosting plans there is no right or wrong plan it depends on individual choice and requirement as different people have different needs. So, make sure you take the complete information that what sort of hosting services you’re required before you choose a web hosting service.