German technology achievements in the last years

Germany has been one of the most prominent pioneers in science and technology in the European continent.  The country has contributed significantly to physics, chemistry, consumer products, and cars. It is one of the world’s leaders in innovation and has great universities, research institutes, engineering schools, information technology, and manufacturing industries. From famous inventors such as Carl Von Linde, who was responsible for developing the modern refrigerator, to Paul Nipkow, who developed the famous Nipkow disk that laid the television’s foundation, and Albert Einstein, who introduced the theories of special and general relativity for both light and gravity, Germany is widely known for its technological prowess. The various technological achievements that the country has had a range from lifesaving medical devices to the manufacture of luxury automobiles and daily household items. Various companies have emerged in Germany as a result of countries technological wonder. You can have a look at these brands at and online german services.

Some of the German’s technology achievements in the last years


This was invented in 1895 in Wilhelm Conrad’s lab at the University of Wurzburg. Its discovery was gradual and has years later been adopted in the medical field in illness diagnosis. X-rays can be used to detect and diagnose bone fractures, infections such as pneumonia, Arthritis in bones, some tumours, and dental issues, among others.

2.Military Technology

Inventions in military technology started with the invention of gunpowder and casting metals techniques, using metals such as iron. Germans also made the first effective canon by strapping together wrought iron bars. The country later shifted to bronze to make the canons. Today, Germany boasts of strong military technologies, including fighter jets, missiles, missile launchers, drone fighters, and strong ammo.

3.Health technology

Health technology inventions include the C-Leg. Otto Bock Healthcare Company is credited to have developed the first complete microprocessor-controlled knee joint. The C-Leg technology uses sensors to process information at a 50 times per second rate, making it easier for an amputee to resume walk normally.

4.Automobile technology

Germany pioneered the automobile industry by introducing the first-ever motor-driven tricycle and a motorised carriage. This invention was done in 1886. The people behind the innovation included Karl Benz and his partner Gottlieb Daimler. Nikolaus August Otto was the first to invent the internal combustion engine that could burn petrol in an internal pistol chamber. Since then, German cars have gained a lot of traction in the market and are one of the most powerful, quality and durable machines. It is the most competitive and innovative country when it comes to the world of car manufacturing and ranks the third-highest car producer in the world. The country manufactures BMW, Rolls-Royce, Chrysler motors, among others.

5.Liquid Crystal display

Liquid crystal displays were discovered in Germany. Initially, LCDs were used at a small scale to manufacture displays for calculators and digital watches.  Currently, they are more widely used. They are replacing cathode ray tubes in making screen displays. The cathode-ray tubes have the disadvantage of requiring a lot of space which the liquid crystal display solves. Examples of application of LCDs in screen display include computer monitors.

6.Jet Engine

Before the world wars, the concept of the Jet engine in Germany only existed in labs. The concept continued to be experimented with, and after the wars, it is now evident that the jet engines were highly resourceful. Major strides have been made as far as the jet engine’s airframe design and support facilities are concerned. Germany has also created commercial airlines that are more cost-effective and last longer. Germany’s commercial and military crafts have over the years maintained their high-quality standards and are also durable.

7.Mp3 Technology

Germany’s Fraunhofer Research Institute invented the Mp3 technology, a music compression technology. This mp3 technology is highly effective. It helps to reduce the data volume of an audio file by up to one-twelfth of its original size. The technology has thus allowed more room for music storage in devices without requiring too much storage space, thus allowing more music to fit in just one device. This has allowed the music industry to innovate and invest in quality music without worrying much about size.

In conclusion, it is undoubtedly true that Germany has in many ways pioneered technology worldwide. It has come up with quality and durable technologies that are exported across continents. Anybody who views Germany as a dream country will find this article informative. It explores the technological advancements in the country.